We have been in various communities and locations since RAB’s establishment. Following are the list and the story of relocations that we’d like to share with you:

Canyon Meadows, Calgary, AB

2015 to Present
In 2015, upon completion of our lease term in Macleod Place 1, we moved back to Canyon Meadows with the same model as 2005. This location will remain as our base for providing our services especially by Shelley and Masoud Shahanaghi.

In 2005, when Dr. Haycock informed us of his retirement plan. As a result remodeled our operation to a Boutique Home Based Clinic and for the next five years we operated out of Canyon Meadows. Even after moving to Macleod Place 1 as a commercial setting we kept this location intact as part of our practice for some of our clients who preferred to visit us at this location.

Solara: 10th Ave. SW, Downtown Calgary, AB (2016)

In 2016, we joined Solara Dental Clinic and Health to be a part of a bigger network of like minded professionals to be able to assist our clients with more options in their health and wellness path. We operate from this location in parallel to our Canyon Meadows Location. Solara is Located right cross the street from Mountain Equipment Coop (MEC).

Macleod Place 1, Calgary, AB (2010)

Rest Assured Bodyworks was founded by Shelley and Masoud Shahanaghi as a division of InTrust Developments Corp. (a general trading & consulting company).

We began operations in a chiropractic clinic in Inglewood, Calgary. Upon the relocation of the chiropractor’s practice, the business was subsequently relocated to a new chiropractic clinic in downtown Calgary.

Approximately a year later the chiropractor retired and for the next five years, we operated as a home-based business located in Canyon Meadows, Calgary.

In late 2008 demand for our services began to outstrip supply and so we made the decision to expand. we moved our business into its first commercial space and began contracting and increasing our team. It was also in this year that we independently incorporated Rest Assured Bodyworks. Finally, in June of 2010 the business began operations in its current location. Over the past seven years we have continually dedicated our efforts to the growth and success of our practice and despite all challenges, we have managed to expand our client base by almost 300% since 2008 and continuing.

4th Street SW, Downtown Calgary, AB (2004)

In September of 2004 we relocated to the outskirts of downtown Calgary in an area that is also another founding community in our great city. This building was built in the 1920’s and also has a wonderful quality about it.

We work in conjunction with Dr. Robert Haycock who had a well established Chiropractic practice for over 30 years and complimented our modalities very nicely. He retired shortly after our relocation from his clinic. We are always greatful for for the opportunity of knowing and working with him closely.

Inglewood, Calgary, AB (2003)

Rest Assured Bodyworks first opened its doors for business on January 1, 2003. Since its conception we have been afforded the opportunity of helping many more people.

Our first location was in historic Inglewood on 9th Avenue, the main street of Inglewood. We were very excited to have had the opportunity to start our business in a historic home that was one of the original homes in the city. Built in 1896, the home had a wonderful healing energy that flowed throughout while we were there.